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Pharmacogenetic Testing

You may have been inspired to get into the medical field for many reasons – your love of science, an interest in working with people and having a successful and lucrative career, or, perhaps, the most common reason – to help others. Helping others is the cornerstone of medicine and if you are a physician or other health care provider, you have likely built your career on this premise. One very important factor in your ability to achieve this goal of helping your patients is knowing their history and enough about them to provide strong medical care. Pharmacogenetic testing, also known as drug-gene testing or  (PGX), is a relatively new field that dramatically increases the information that health care providers have access to on each of their patients. Pharmacogenetic Testing, specializes in pharmacogenetic testing and can help you and the providers in your practice maximize your ability to treat your patients effectively.

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Pharmacogenomics and Toxicology Testing Services

Toxicology TxPharmacogenetic Testing was founded to help private practice physicians, pain management clinics, mental health facilities, and other health care providers by offering comprehensive, accurate and reliable pharmacogenomics and toxicology testing services. Our ultimate goal is to provide these drug testing services to help physicians provide the best possible care to their patients.

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Toxicology Testing

Toxicology TxThere are many reasons why you, your business or healthcare facility might need toxicology testing services. These tests can be helpful during the hiring process, in the criminal justice system, to screen for drugs in athletes, or to make sure that a patient is clean while in a drug treatment facility. Toxicology tests can check for as many as 30 different drugs at once, including prescription drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol, and even vitamins, supplements and over the counter drugs. This testing is most often done with saliva, hair or urine, depending on what meets your needs. Pharmacogenetic Testing partners with businesses, law enforcement agencies, healthcare facilities and physicians in Texas and around the country to provide high quality, fast and reliable toxicology testing services.

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Importance of Polypharmacy Testing

Poly-pharmacy TestingMany Americans use multiple drugs at the same time to treat all kind of health issues. Polypharmacy is defined as the simultaneous use of multiple drugs to treat a single ailment or condition. Sometimes physicians and other health care providers are aware of this, other times they are not. These drugs can interact and cause adverse drug events and even death. In fact, polypharmacy is now the fourth leading cause of death in our country. Texas Genetic Testing LLC can complete accurate and reliable polypharmacy testing for health care providers in the Austin, TX area, allowing you to know exactly what medications your patients are taking so that you can provide them the best and safest treatment possible.

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Pharmacogenomic Testing

Toxicology Testing When you decided to pursue a career in clinical medicine, you likely wanted to make a difference, help your patients and provide the best possible care every single day. Healthcare providers in all specialties tend to share this mission for their career. And, as the world of medicine advances, there are new opportunities to learn more about your patients so that your decisions about their care can be more informed. Pharmacogenomic testing allows you to better understand how a specific drug will work for your patient, so that you can minimize the number of prescriptions you have to try and avoid adverse drug events. Pharmacogenetic Testing, partners with hospitals and medical practices all over the Texas area to provide accurate and reliable pharmacogenomic testing to improve overall quality of healthcare.

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Quick Turnaround Drug Testing

As a medical practice in Amarillo, TX, your patients expect quick results with just about anything you do. They’d prefer not to waste time hanging out in the waiting room. When it comes to drug testing results, quick turnaround time is expected as well. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we have mastered the drug testing process and offer one of the fastest turnaround times in Texas and beyond.

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Company Drug Testing For Pre-Employment

As a business owner in Austin, TX, going the extra mile to ensure that you are hiring the right employees will benefit you in a lot of ways down the road. One key step to choosing the right employee is requiring drug testing during the pre-employment stage. This way if the potential employee fails the drug test, you know before any serious employment conversations with the individual begin. When it comes to finding a reliable drug testing lab in the area to provide accurate results, look no further than Pharmacogenetic Testing.

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Doctor Office Lab Partner

When it comes to providing the best possible care for your patients, making diagnoses and developing treatment plans, having access to accurate and credible information is critical. To treat your patients, you use information from their personal history, as well as symptoms that present to determine a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. In addition, drug-gene testing, also called pharmacogenetics, is a relatively new tool that can be used to assist providers in making the best possible decisions for their patients. Drug-gene testing allows healthcare providers to more fully understand their patients by and make individualized medical decisions based on their unique genetic makeup. A person’s genes can help determine the best possible treatments, medications, and dosages for him. Texas Genetic Testing LLC partners with clinics, hospitals and other medical professionals in the Austin TX area to provide fast, accurate drug-gene testing to clinics, doctor’s offices and hospitals in Texas and around the country.

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Polypharmacy Profile Testing

PolypharmacyPolypharmacy profile testing, otherwise known as the Bennet Polypharmacy Profile, is an amazing resource for medical professionals to help patients and their families create reliable and healthy medication plans. Often times, when elderly patients can no longer keep track of the medications they use, or when patients switch physicians without a medical history detailing their prescription drug use, it can be complicated to determine the best medications to prescribe. Polypharmacy profile testing allows physicians to work around these challenges, benefiting from a comprehensive profile of prescription medications an individual has been taking. If you’re in need of a single polypharmacy profile, or if you’re looking to establish polypharmacy profile testing in your medical practice as a regular procedure, contact Pharmacogenetic Testing to find out how you can incorporate polypharmacy profiles in your El Paso, TX medical practice.

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Efficient Toxicology or DNA Testing

At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we provide a variety of toxicology and DNA testing services, including drug tests, polypharmacy profiles, drug-gene testing, and molecular panels testing. With each form of testing, we are able to provide our clients with detailed information about illicit and illegal drug and alcohol use, prescription medication use, the compatibility of medications with certain genes, and the overall health of an individual. With this information, our Texas toxicology lab is able to provide timely information for employers, law enforcement and criminal justice officials, medical practitioners, and more. If you’re looking for an El Paso, TX toxicology lab for toxicology or DNA testing, take a look at our testing options to see whether our lab is the right fit for you:

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Pain Management Clinics

Polypharmacy & Baby BoomersFor pain management clinics, understanding patients’ medical histories, including prescription and over-the-counter medications, is a crucial element of creating effective and safe pain management plans. If you’re working with a patient who has a history of using a wide variety of prescription medications, if you’re wondering what the adverse effects of a prescription drug may be in a specific patient, or if you’re wondering how multiple medications will react within your patient, Pharmacogenetic Testing can help. With state-of-the-art lab testing equipment, we are able to conduct a variety of tests, including polypharmacy profile tests and drug-gene tests, otherwise known as pharmacogenomics or pharmacogenetics testing. If you’re in need of a drug-gene testing company or polypharmacy profile testing lab in Fort Worth, Benbrook, or White Settlement, Texas, we can help you make sure you provide the best pain management clinic treatment possible for each and every patient you see.

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Comprehensive and Accurate Toxicology Report

Molecular PCR upper respiratory testing TXToxicology tests can be a critical component to employment agencies and businesses, criminal justice procedures, medical procedures, and more, and finding a reliable Texas toxicology testing lab can be a challenge, especially when you’re looking for a comprehensive toxicology lab. But now, you’re in luck; at Pharmacogenetic Testing, we make it a priority to provide both comprehensive and accurate toxicology test reports, ensuring that our clients have the most accurate toxicology information available to them, no matter the reason. We provide Corpus Christi, Rockport, Kingsville and Alice, Texas toxicology testing, and with online toxicology reports, we’re able to provide accurate and fast toxicology test results without the hassle or waiting involved in test results via mail or third parties.

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