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Toxicology Testing In Texas

Toxicology Testing ServiceIf you’ve seen the media lately, it’s likely you’ve came across the video of the nurse and the police officer fighting over drawing a patient’s blood. That was an extremely uncomfortable and unfortunate situation that we do not wish on anyone. This is another reason why, at Pharmacogenetic Testing. we are so thankful for our team and our outstanding approach to toxicology testing. It is here that we collaborate with practicing physicians in finding the best treatment possible as well as performing the safest and effective toxicology testing possible.

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Pharmacogenetic Testing

You may have been inspired to get into the medical field for many reasons – your love of science, an interest in working with people and having a successful and lucrative career, or, perhaps, the most common reason – to help others. Helping others is the cornerstone of medicine and if you are a physician or other health care provider, you have likely built your career on this premise. One very important factor in your ability to achieve this goal of helping your patients is knowing their history and enough about them to provide strong medical care. Pharmacogenetic testing, also known as drug-gene testing or  (PGX), is a relatively new field that dramatically increases the information that health care providers have access to on each of their patients. Pharmacogenetic Testing, specializes in pharmacogenetic testing and can help you and the providers in your practice maximize your ability to treat your patients effectively.

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Pharmacogenomics and Toxicology Testing Services

Toxicology TxPharmacogenetic Testing was founded to help private practice physicians, pain management clinics, mental health facilities, and other health care providers by offering comprehensive, accurate and reliable pharmacogenomics and toxicology testing services. Our ultimate goal is to provide these drug testing services to help physicians provide the best possible care to their patients.

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Toxicology Testing

Toxicology TxThere are many reasons why you, your business or healthcare facility might need toxicology testing services. These tests can be helpful during the hiring process, in the criminal justice system, to screen for drugs in athletes, or to make sure that a patient is clean while in a drug treatment facility. Toxicology tests can check for as many as 30 different drugs at once, including prescription drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol, and even vitamins, supplements and over the counter drugs. This testing is most often done with saliva, hair or urine, depending on what meets your needs. Pharmacogenetic Testing partners with businesses, law enforcement agencies, healthcare facilities and physicians in Texas and around the country to provide high quality, fast and reliable toxicology testing services.

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Drug Gene Testing Austin TX

pharmacogenetic testingDrug gene testing, also called pharmacogenetics, has become increasingly valuable and is frequently used by physicians, hospitals, as well as medical research laboratories all over the country.  Pharmacogenetics encourages more personalized healthcare, allowing health care providers to provide a more tailored approach to healthcare.  Pharmacogenetic Testing specializes in providing fast, reliable and affordable drug gene testing services for those in the Austin, TX area.

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Pre-employment Drug TestingIf you are looking in Texas for a one stop shop for all of your laboratory testing needs, our team at Pharmacogenetic Testing is the partner for you! We focus on helping private medical practices, pain management providers, mental health facilities, etc., with building a path towards better health for their patients. Not only is our testing facility efficient and accurate, but we also offer a wide variety of services that can help medical providers in TX.

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Molecular Panels Corpus Christi Texas

molecular panel testing near AmarilloYour patient arrives at the emergency department via EMS. Your patient is a 35 year old male that is diaphoretic, blood pressure 90 palp, heart rate of 150, and a fleeting temperature. He is in and out of consciousness and unaware of his surroundings. Lactate level is sky high. What’s your stance as a provider? How can you fully help this patient before their condition deteriorates and worsens? At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we do not treat the patients for you. Those are not our decisions. Our job is to provide you with knowledge on how to treat the patient. How to fight an infection that has caused, even this particular patient, to go into septic shock. If you are a provider in Corpus Christi, TX, it’s important that you know how we can help you save your patient’s life. Pharmacogenetic Testing offers molecular panels that give you the ability to quickly and reliably diagnose and treat your patient appropriately.

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Molecular Panels Abilene TX

pharmacogenetics testing lab TXOne hour. One measly little hour. How fast can your day change in one hour? You can take a test in one hour, take a nap for one hour, read a chapter of a good book in one hour, take a lunch break for one hour, and of course, now you can get molecular testing panels back in one hour! What?!? Folks, we aren’t kidding. If you are located in Abilene, TX and your patient needs molecular testing, guess how long it will take to get your results? Only one hour! At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we provide fast and accurate molecular panel screening results so that you can treat your patient as fast as possible.

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Testing Lab for Hospitals TX

Testing Lab for Hospitals TXWhen you think of laboratory services, it’s hard to think of more than just your basic labs. However, the truth is that labs have become an innovative part of many patients’ treatment plans. It’s more than just a CBC and CMP. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we can actually run a genetic makeup screening on a patient to see how certain drugs will interact with the patient. We can take it a step further and see how certain drugs will react with other drugs for a specific patient. With new technology and lots of research, Pharmacogenetic Testing is proud to offer a variety of services to hospitals in Texas.

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Houston Molecular Testing

Houston Molecular TestingYour patient comes in via EMS, and they look terrible. They are diaphoretic, their blood pressure is dangerous, and their CBC is like nothing you’ve ever seen. All of a sudden, they are crashing and you can’t determine the cause. So, you do what you are trained to do. You stabilize the patient’s vital signs, you use broad spectrum antibiotics, and you keep them alive, if only temporarily. You have done everything in your power to treat this patient. Now, it’s time that we do ours. At Pharmacogenetic Testing., we understand that you work hard to treat your patients. We know that your goal is their health and wellness. This is why we offer molecular panels for hospitals, clinics, and other providers in the Houston, TX area.

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Texas Testing Lab Services

Texas Testing Lab ServicesAt Pharmacogenetic Testing, we offer a wide array of services to hospitals, clinics, and specialists in the area. We are a pharmacogenetics lab that wants to see improvements in today’s health, both in our local community and the entire world. We believe that pharmacogenetics can help contribute to that.

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Pharmacogenetic Testing TX

Pharmacogenetic Testing TXPharmacogenetics, also called drug gene testing, gives doctors and other healthcare providers important information about their patient’s genetic makeup so that they can provide them with the best possible care.  This gives physicians the ability to predict whether a patient will have an adverse reaction to a specific medicine that they want to prescribe – before the patient tries the medicines and experiences a reaction.  Texas Genetic Testing LLC specializes in state of the art and fast pharmacogenetics testing for hospitals and clinics in Texas as well as around the country.

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