Pharmacogenomics Testing Services

Pharmacogenomics Drug Gene Testing ServiceTexas Genetic Testing provides clinics and hospitals with drug-gene testing, otherwise known as pharmacogenomics (PGX) or pharmacogenetics. Drug-gene testing allows physicians to more fully understand their patients by making relevant and accurate information available. This in turn helps physicians provide patients with precise medication for them to get well. Pharmacogenomics testing also greatly decreases the chances of adverse drug reactions.

Why Drug-Gene Testing?

The same treatment doesn’t work for everyone. And this is where genes come into play. A person’s genes help to determine which treatments, medications, and dosages will be suitable for someone’s body. Studying how the body’s genes affect interactions with drugs has become quite accepted and common. In fact, Medicare in most states now cover the testing. This personalized style of medicine saves expenses from side effects and allows individuals to get specialized medical care based on their genes.

When pharmacogenomics testing is performed, experimentation regarding medication and dosage is no longer needed. This helps the treatment process move faster, is more cost-effective, and greatly reduces the chances of adverse drug events.

Pharmacogenomics Services

At Texas Genetic Testing we understand that receiving test results in a timely manner is of the utmost importance. Sometimes testing results can take weeks to receive, which leaves experimentation with medication and dosages as the only option in the meantime. But our pharmacogenomics testing results come back within 32 to 48 hours – one of the fastest in the nation – so that physicians can have the information they need to correctly prescribe treatments for patients.

Many private physicians do not have pharmacogenomics testing services onsite at their clinic. Typically, they depend on outside labs to process and analyze the tests. Texas Genetic Testing has partnerships with pharmacogenomics testing labs around the country. We will provide medical practices with detailed, efficient, and accurate lab results so that physicians can properly treat their patients. Common clients of ours include:

  • Urologists
  • OB GYNs
  • Neurologists
  • Pain Management Specialists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Internal Medicine
  • Family Practice Physicians
  • Orthopedists
  • Addiction Specialists

Pharmacogenomics for Life

Because a person’s genes never change, they only need to be tested for a medication once. However, a pharmacogenomics test will need to be done again should the patient be required to take another medication. Keeping track of these results can help a patient for their whole life. Also keep in mind that there are currently no pharmacogenomics tests for all pharmaceutical medications, OTCs, or herbal supplements.

Pharmacogenomics Benefits

  • Reduce ADEs
  • Decrease medication and dosage experimentation
  • Increase cost-savings due to ADEs and experimentation

Drug Gene Testing Services

Texas Genetic Testing provides pharmacogenomics (PGX) and pharmacogenetics testing for clinics and hospitals around the country. Our services are available for almost every state, including Texas.

If your clinic or hospital is interested in PGX testing, or in receiving information, contact us today. Call (833) 749-5227 today to speak with one of our lab representatives.