You may have been inspired to get into the medical field for many reasons – your love of science, an interest in working with people and having a successful and lucrative career, or, perhaps, the most common reason – to help others. Helping others is the cornerstone of medicine and if you are a physician or other health care provider, you have likely built your career on this premise. One very important factor in your ability to achieve this goal of helping your patients is knowing their history and enough about them to provide strong medical care. Pharmacogenetic testing, also known as drug-gene testing or  (PGX), is a relatively new field that dramatically increases the information that health care providers have access to on each of their patients. Pharmacogenetic Testing, specializes in pharmacogenetic testing and can help you and the providers in your practice maximize your ability to treat your patients effectively.

Personalized Approach to Healthcare

Pharmacogenetics helps you tailor your treatment and medication plan for each and every patient. Drug-gene testing allows physicians to more fully understand their patients by making relevant and accurate information available. This in turn helps physicians provide patients with precise medication for them to get well. Pharmacogenetic testing also dramatically decreases the chances of adverse drug reactions. So, instead of experimenting with medication and dosage, you will have the information to prescribe a drug that your patient will respond to, the first time. And, these tests only have to be completed once for each medication. Pharmacogenetic testing offers significant cost savings over time both to your patients and the health care system.

Pharmacogenetic Testing works with a wide variety of health care providers in Texas and around the country to provide this individualized approach to care. Specialties that benefit from pharmacogenetic testing include:

● Primary Care: Internal Medicine and Family Practice Physicians
● Neurologists
● Urologists
● Ob/Gyns
● Orthopedics
● Pain Management Specialists
● Addiction Facilities

Experienced Pharmacogenetic Testing Group

Our team will process your results quickly, so that you can make medical decisions quickly. Generally you can expect to receive results in as few as 32-48 hours. Our view is that if results take longer, it is much more difficult to reduce medication and dosage experimentation. For more information about partnering with Texas Genetic Testing LLC to help improve overall efficiency and quality care to your patient population, call us today at 855-306-8318.855) 306-8318(833) 749-5227