pharmacogenetic testingA patient is admitted to the hospital from out of town. He is very sick and doesn’t really know what medications he takes at home. He’s lethargic, in and out of consciousness, and has no family to vouch for him. The nurse looks through his pockets and finds a multitude of medications, but some are even in another language. The patient’s vital signs are up and down with no relief from the hospital’s treatments. Wouldn’t it make sense to perform a drug screen on the patient? We thought so too. So the admitting doctor sends a drug screen to a lab that isn’t very reputable. Big mistake. Hours after the test is sent, they cannot find the specimen. The hospital sends another one. Apparently now the machine is down and they’ll have to wait until it’s running again. Frustrating!

Another call comes in and it’s the lab technician saying that they cannot run a certain screening on the urine sent, the hospital should send blood too. After many days of waiting, the results have come in…on another patient. That’s right, the patient still doesn’t have the results that he needs and unfortunately, a bad outcome is unavoidable. This is why when you choose to order drug testing, it’s important to order it from a reliable source. Pharmacogenetic Testing offers toxicology testing that is always reliable.

Reliable Lab Services

At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we are a reliable, state of the art laboratory that delivers fast and accurate results. Our positive labs are typically sent within 32 to 48 hours. Even faster, negative results come in within 24 hours. We are as reliable as it gets when it comes to drug testing. We are constantly working with physicians and their patients to ultimately help benefit their health. We provide detailed information on our results and have excellent lab technicians available seven days a week should you have any questions about ordering labs or deciphering the results of a lab.

Drug Testing

At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we focus our toxicology testing on hair, blood, urine, and oral samples. We cover an immense list of different drugs, both prescription and nonprescription, as well as herbal substances. We work with all types of providers from health care facilities to forensic exams and even pre-employment screenings. Our reliability is the number one reason our professionals consistently choose us as their lab of choice.

Fore more information about Pharmacogenetic Testing and our reliable drug testing services, contact us today at (833) 749-5227.