PolypharmacyPolypharmacy profile testing, otherwise known as the Bennet Polypharmacy Profile, is an amazing resource for medical professionals to help patients and their families create reliable and healthy medication plans. Often times, when elderly patients can no longer keep track of the medications they use, or when patients switch physicians without a medical history detailing their prescription drug use, it can be complicated to determine the best medications to prescribe. Polypharmacy profile testing allows physicians to work around these challenges, benefiting from a comprehensive profile of prescription medications an individual has been taking. If you’re in need of a single polypharmacy profile, or if you’re looking to establish polypharmacy profile testing in your medical practice as a regular procedure, contact Pharmacogenetic Testing to find out how you can incorporate polypharmacy profiles in your El Paso, TX medical practice.

What is Polypharmacy Testing?

The Bennett Polypharmacy Profile (BPP) is a urinalysis intended to screen for the most commonly prescribed drugs, over the counter medications, and herbal supplements. This allows medical professionals to see a patient’s detailed medical history, documenting the levels of prescription medications and other medications and supplements used. By identifying medications in individual patients using the polypharmacy profile testing system, you can make your treatment of patients more streamline, avoiding waiting for medical history or working to determine the best medications to prescribe without knowing which medications a patient may already be taking.

What are the Uses of Polypharmacy Profiles?

As with any form of drug testing, the uses of polypharmacy profile testing are virtually endless and depend entirely on your needs. For medical professionals and others seeking to identify the prescription drugs, OTCs, and herbal supplements used by an individual, the benefits of the BPP could be:

• Identifying prescription drugs prescribed by an individual’s former physicians
• Reducing adverse drug events that result in illnesses or fatalities because of the interaction of drugs within patients’ systems
• Decreasing medical litigation due to adverse drug events
• Help to create open conversation between physicians and their patients regarding prescription or over-the-counter drug use that is not specified in the medical history
• Allow physicians to determine previously prescribed medications, particularly in the case of elderly patients or patients without a recollection of their previously prescribed medication names.
• Obtain evidence of an individual’s compliance with (or defiance of) prescriptions

Our El Paso, Texas polypharmacy profile testing lab will get you your BPP results quickly, providing online results. So that you can provide the best possible medical care, we ensure that all of our testing is completed in 32 to 48 hours, which means that you won’t have to wait more than two days before prescribing medications. If you are interested in implementing the Bennett Polypharmacy Profile in your medical practice or hospital, or if you’re want to learn more about how polypharmacy profile testing works, contact Pharmacogenetic Testing today at (833) 749-5227.