Testing Lab for Hospitals TXWhen you think of laboratory services, it’s hard to think of more than just your basic labs. However, the truth is that labs have become an innovative part of many patients’ treatment plans. It’s more than just a CBC and CMP. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we can actually run a genetic makeup screening on a patient to see how certain drugs will interact with the patient. We can take it a step further and see how certain drugs will react with other drugs for a specific patient. With new technology and lots of research, Pharmacogenetic Testing is proud to offer a variety of services to hospitals in Texas.


Also known as drug-gene testing, this test allows practicing physicians to prescribe medications that they know will help the patient. By testing a person’s genes, we can determine which treatment and medications will be suitable for a person’s body. This is known for greatly decreasing the chances of an adverse drug reaction for a patient.

Toxicology Testing

There are so many reasons to order toxicology testing for a patient that it seems almost redundant to name them all. Whatever your reasoning, our state-of-the-art lab can perform toxicology testing on hair, blood, urine, and even oral samples. We provide fast, accurate and comprehensive results so that you can treat your patient appropriately.

Molecular Panels

Are you stumped on what exactly is going on with your patient? A molecular panel can get you results fast! We currently have three different options for panels: respiratory, gastrointestinal, and blood culture identification panels. In total, our three panels target 69 different viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and parasites. Once we receive our samples, they can be ready to read within an hour. Talk about saving lives, the molecular panels can definitely attribute to it!

Polypharmacy Profiles

As baby boomers get older and older, the use of polypharmacy in this country gets larger and larger. Medication misuse and polypharmacy has become the fourth leading cause of death in this country, and it’s no surprise. One-third of Americans from ages 57 to 85 are taking at least five prescription drugs. Can you imagine how difficult that is for some people? By using the Bennett Polypharmacy profile, we can successfully identify and determine drug interactions for each patient, therefore reducing the number of bad reactions and even deaths.

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