Houston Molecular TestingYour patient comes in via EMS, and they look terrible. They are diaphoretic, their blood pressure is dangerous, and their CBC is like nothing you’ve ever seen. All of a sudden, they are crashing and you can’t determine the cause. So, you do what you are trained to do. You stabilize the patient’s vital signs, you use broad spectrum antibiotics, and you keep them alive, if only temporarily. You have done everything in your power to treat this patient. Now, it’s time that we do ours. At Pharmacogenetic Testing., we understand that you work hard to treat your patients. We know that your goal is their health and wellness. This is why we offer molecular panels for hospitals, clinics, and other providers in the Houston, TX area.

Molecular Panels

When things are going downhill, you want all the information possible at your fingertips. Molecular panels can be very useful, especially in a sepsis situation. However, we want all providers to feel comfortable ordering molecular testing prior to a sepsis point. Imagine if the patient above had already been to his primary doctor who had ran molecular panels! The doctor could have looked at his chart and easily seen Enteroaggregative E. Coli (EAEC) and then been able to properly treat the issue before the patient became unstable. Molecular panels can save lives if ordered in a timely manner. At Pharmacogenetic Testing., we offer three different molecular panels: respiratory, blood culture identification, and gastrointestinal.

Breaking Down Panels

Our three molecular panels combined target 69 different pathogens. We break these panels down so that you can narrow down the pathogen that you are looking for based on a patient’s symptoms. If they are having respiratory issues, using our respiratory panel makes much more sense. If you are looking for an overall infection that has reached the bloodstream, it makes sense to use our blood culture identification panel. Likewise, our gastrointestinal panel is used for those having GI symptoms. All of our panels are done accurately and reliably. As one of the fastest labs in the country, we pride on having these panel results ready within an hour.

If you are a provider that wants the best for your own patients, consider utilizing every resource you have to give them the best care that you can offer. Knowledge is power and being a medical provider means having the power to help patients heal and protect them from disease. So, use our molecular panels to help treat your patients properly. If you work in a hospital or clinic in Houston, TX and want more information, give Pharmacogenetic Testing. a call today at (833) 749-5227.