pharmacogenetic testingAs a medical provider, do you feel an obligation towards your patients to ensure that the decisions surrounding their health are accurate? That feeling comes with the territory as a medical provider. When medicine is prescribed, it is vital that medical decisions are accurate and precise. If you don’t know the fine details of your patient’s health history, you may become blindsided by an adverse reaction they have to a particular prescription. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we provide medical providers in the Texas area with pharmacogenomics testing services to help decrease the chances of a negative reaction to a patient’s prescription.

Drug Gene Testing

What if you could perform drug-gene testing to help determine what kind of medicines will work for your patient? Practicing medicine would be a whole lot easier if all of your patients were the same, but the truth is that we are all wound differently. One treatment plan for the same condition may work for one patient and cause an adverse reaction with another. Through our PGX comprehensive panel, our testing specialists will be able to help reduce medicinal trial and error with your patients. This type of testing will help you catch any potential medical issues with medications or dosages before you even pull out your prescription pad. Leave the experimenting to the scientists, and let our pharmacogenomics testing services provide you the confidence you may have been missing as a medical provider.

Reasons to Invest in Pharmacogenomics Testing

  • Greater Accuracy – Studies have shown that more than 770,000 injuries or deaths occur each year because of a negative reaction to a drug. By letting our PGX comprehensive panel experts at Pharmacogenetic Testing provide our testing services, you’ll be able to put the guessing game behind you for good!
  • Greater Savings – When your patients react adversely to their prescribed medicine, this becomes a cost to you as a medical provider. Dealing with the reactions and coming to conclusions through experimentation have a direct impact on your rising out of pocket costs as a provider. Pharmacogenomics testing helps you become a more accurate prescriber, which in turn reduces your practices’ out of pocket costs.
  • Quick Results – Another plus to partnering with our team at Pharmacogenetic Testing for all of your pharmacogenomics needs is that you will get your PGX comprehensive panel results within 32-48 hours. Your patients will not have to sit around waiting for your results very long before you can prescribe them accurate medicine.

Take the next step in providing your patients with the best care available in Texas. Team up with our team at Pharmacogenetic Testing, and let our staff provide you with reliable PGX comprehensive panels. Through our pharmacogenomics testing services, you’ll gain the confidence that you’ll get the right medicine for your patients prescribed the first go around. Give us a call today at (833) 749-5227 to learn more!