Pre-employment Drug TestingDo you ever really know a person? Someone that looks completely together could potentially be falling apart at the seams, and would you be able to tell? Being an equal opportunity employer means that you are looking for the best person for the job, no matter what their personal circumstance. However, if personal situations, like drug abuse, happen to interfere with work, it’s vital that you catch the problem before it ever becomes an issue! Pre-employment drug screenings are the easiest way to prevent those problems from ever occuring at your place of work. If you are looking for toxicology testing in Houston, TX, look no further than Pharmacogenetic Testing.

Toxicology Testing Houston TX

A toxicology test is a way to reduce your liability before you ever hire someone for a particular job. This type of drug testing screens for both prescription and nonprescription drugs and can be an excellent way to monitor those who have had a history of addiction or drug abuse in the past, but are now sober. It determines which medications or illicit drugs a patient is taking or is not taking! If you want an accurate picture, Pharmacogenetic Testing will get it for you! Our most common way of collecting this information is through our urine testing lab.

Urine Testing Lab Houston Texas

Urine drug screenings are the least invasive and most utilized way to perform pre-employment drug tests. While we can do blood, urine, or oral samples, urine samples are primarily used throughout Houston and surrounding areas. We have a state of the art urine testing lab in Houston, Texas that yields fast and accurate results. We provide both positive and negative results typically within 32 to 48 hours. Additionally, our results come with a detailed and comprehensive report so that you can clearly read all of the toxicology information that’s available. If something is unclear, we have lab experts available seven days a week to handle any questions that may arise. Looking for something more specific? We have a wide variety of toxicology panels used within our urine testing lab. Our lab representatives can help you decide what is the best fit for your pre-employment screenings.

Pre-employment screenings are a vital part of building a business. When you hire someone, you want to know that they are absolutely qualified for the job. Our toxicology testing in Houston, TX will confirm your decisions and provide you with accurate results. For more information on our urine testing lab in Houston, Texas, contact Pharmacogenetic Testing today at (833) 749-5227.