pharmacogenetic testingAs a medical provider, the health of your patients is always a top priority. Everyone in the field of medicine knows that the same treatment plan does not work for everyone. If it did, there wouldn’t be much of a need for medical professionals. Patients expect the medical care that they receive to be effective, which may not always work the first time around. That is where pharmacogenomics testing from Pharmacogenetic Testing can come in handy. We specialize in drug-gene testing that helps medical providers get a better understanding of their patient’s medical profile. Through this testing, medical providers are able to reduce the amount of guessing that they have to do when it comes to developing a treatment plan.

Reduces Drug Reactions

The worst thing that can happen when having your patient try a new medication is an adverse drug reaction. Adverse drug reactions can be debilitating and even deadly. Through pharmacogenomics testing, our team at Pharmacogenetic Testing is able to help you decrease the likelihood of an adverse drug reaction. Through studying genes, we’re able to help medical professionals determine which type of treatment, medication and dosage will work well for a particular patient. Say goodbye to the experimentation that you may have had to perform in the past. Pharmacogenomics testing is here to give you accurate treatment options, which in turn will reduce potential drug reactions.

Medical Fields where Pharmacogenomics Testing Can Help

Pharmacogenomics testing is becoming more and more popular with various medical fields. Some of the medical fields where pharmacogenomics testing is effectively utilized includes the following:

● Urology
● Neurology
● Pain Management
● Psychiatry
● Internal Medicine
● Family Medical Practices
● Orthopedic
● Addiction Management

Benefits for Medical Providers

Not only does pharmacogenomics testing help patients, but it also has benefits for the medical provider as well. This type of testing reduces adverse drug reactions, decreases experimentation around medication and dosages, and even boosts cost savings for the medical provider in regards to medication management. Less medicine being experimented with means less medicine wasted.

We all know that the same treatment plan doesn’t work for every patient. So, if you are looking to enhance your patient care and more accurately develop treatment plans centered around medicine, our team at Pharmacogenetic Testing has a solution for you. Give us a call today at (833) 749-5227 to learn more about our pharmacogenomics testing services for medical providers.