Just like any big city in the United States, drug use in Dallas, TX is continuing to rise. Drug use is common in teenagers all the way up to adulthood. With easy access to drugs coming from Mexico, getting your hands on a wide list of drugs is not very difficult. This type of activity should not be tolerated. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we have a passion for providing toxicology testing services to organizations, medical facilities or any other group in Dallas, TX that may need assistance with accurate drug testing.

Urine Testing Lab Dallas Texas

For most individuals, the first type of drug testing that comes to mind is the urine test. Urine testing is approved by the government and is the most popular form of drug testing across the country. A simple urine test covers a wide list of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, morphine, PCP, amphetamines and many other dangerous drugs. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we offer a variety of urine testing categories, which include:

  • Pre-employment Testing – For any business in Dallas, TX, a urine drug test should be performed before you commit to offering an individual a job. It is much easier to deal with a failed drug test before they are on your payroll!
  • Athletic Testing – Athletes must live up to the expectation of living a drug free lifestyle as well, no matter how good they may be at a particular sport. Consider performing urine drug testing before, during and after the season.
  • Criminal Screenings – If someone has just been released from jail and are on probation, urine drug testing is commonly performed to make sure the individual is not using drugs. Let our toxicology testing team get you quick and accurate results through urine testing.
  • Medical Practices – The common drugs are not always the one’s doctors are looking for. Prescription drug misuse is another large problem that needs to be addressed in Dallas, TX. We specialize in offering urine drug testing to any medical provider that needs our expert assistance.

Toxicology Testing Dallas TX

While urine drug testing is our most popular option, we do offer other toxicology testing services including hair, blood and oral testing. What is great about a partnership with our toxicology team is that you’ll receive accurate results within 32-48 hours. Additionally, the results we provide are not just a pass/fail analysis. We provide you with detailed reporting that will help the medical provider understand specifics around the drug use. Got questions for our staff? No need to worry as we have lab representatives available to assist you 7 days a week!

If you are ready to do your part in stopping drug use in Dallas, TX, consider a partnership with Pharmacogenetic Testing. Together we can help protect individuals in this wonderful city from getting involved in drugs. Give us a call toll free today at (833) 749-5227 to learn more about our urine drug testing services.