Drug Testing Beaumont TXWhen you turn on the local news, oftentimes the discussions are around crimes or even deaths where drugs were involved. Whether it was a drug deal gone bad or a teenager passing away from an overdose, this type of news can be devastating for many families. Living in Beaumont, TX, we are no exception to this rule. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we are committed to helping medical providers with their drug testing needs. As a drug testing lab, we have proven toxicology services that are accurate and timely.

Drug Testing for all Backgrounds

We have a passion for providing drug testing services for Beaumont, TX medical providers. Drug use is continuing to increase in this community and throughout the country. While we may not be able to stop drug use from occurring, we can definitely help ensure that those users get caught. Commonly, we have individuals receive our drug testing services for pre-employment screenings, athletic physicals, criminal justice screenings, pain management treatments, and substance abuse management. While drug tests are often used to find out if harmful drugs are being used, our testing lab can also help evaluate drug intake by a medical provider’s patients.

Toxicology Services Beaumont TX

At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we do not just limit our drug testing to a urine sample. While that is our most commonly used drug testing service, we also offer hair, blood and oral drug testing services. We can take a sample of an individual’s hair, blood or a mouth swab to test for a wide variety of drugs being used. Tampering with drug tests has been a problem for decades, and these additional drug testing options help limit faulty drug tests.

Quick & Accurate Results

As a medical provider, you don’t want to sit around for a long period of time to find the toxicology results on your patients. By partnering with our drug testing lab, you’ll have your drug testing results back within 32-48 hours! Additionally, our accurate testing results will be accompanied by a detailed report that goes over the drug test in detail. Got questions on the testing results or a report that we have provided? Just give our laboratory team a call, who are available 7 days a week, and we’ll be happy to assist.

For whatever reason that drug testing services may need to be pursued, our team at Pharmacogenetic Testing is here to help. If you are a medical provider in the Beaumont, TX area, now is the time to partner with our drug testing lab so that you can receive quick and accurate drug testing results. Give us a call today at (833) 749-5227 to learn more!