pharmacogenetic testingA woman comes into the emergency department with abdominal pain. After doing an assessment, you order some basic labs, a urinalysis, and a urine pregnancy test. While the box on the pregnancy test and all of the training specifically says, “put three drops in it, wait three minutes and look for a line,” the tech doing the test puts numerous drops in and then leaves it on the desk and forgets about it for 30 minutes. What do they see when they walk by? A weirdly shaped and faint pink line? All of a sudden you are telling this patient that they are pregnant and ordering more labs and an ultrasound. At this point, the patient has told all of her family that she is pregnant and they are trying to determine who the is the father. Low and behold her blood work comes back, as well as her ultrasound and guess what? The patient is not pregnant. This was a classic case of user error and this error cost both the hospital and the patient lots of time and money. This is why quality laboratory testing services are important and should be left to the professionals at Pharmacogenetic Testing.

Our Services

While we aren’t performing urine pregnancy tests here, we are providing important information that can save lives. Therefore, quality testing and quality results are at the top of our priority list. Here is a list of the following services we are offering to our surrounding areas in Texas:
Pharmacogenetics Testing: This process allows clinicians to fully understand their patients with drug-gene testing, a process in which we use a person’s genes to help clinician’s determine which treatment, medications, and dosages are the most appropriate for that individual’s body.
Toxicology Testing: Our state of the art lab offers drug screening through hair, blood, urine and even oral samples. Our accurate and fast results have saved many lives and therefore we will continue to do what we do best. We test for a multitude of prescription, nonprescription, and herbal drugs.
Molecular Panels: When a patient has fallen ill, it’s important to understand how and why as quickly as possible. With over 69 different targets, our molecular panels cover gastrointestinal diseases, blood pathogens, and even respiratory pathogens. Our results are accurate and ready in an hour so that the ordering clinicians can focus on saving their patient’s life.
Polypharmacy Profiles: So many people these days are on a variety of both prescription and nonprescription drugs. Polypharmacy profiling is a way to determine those drug interactions and reduce the number of adverse drug events. This is, again, patient specific so that clinicians can reduce fatalities overall, decrease adverse events, and allow for proper treatment of their patients.

Don’t make the same mistake as that emergency room did. User error can have a negative impact on results, don’t let it mess with yours. Choose a name you trust, choose Pharmacogenetic Testing for all of your quality laboratory testing services. For more information, call us today at (833) 749-5227.