Partner with Testing Lab in Texas | Help Prevent Prescription OverdoseDo you want your patients, and everyone else for that matter, to have the complete awareness that you are doing your due diligence as a provider before handing out a prescription? In the last 15 years, sales of prescription opioids have increased by over 300 percent. Unfortunately, according to the CDC, the number of people that die due to opioid and heroin overdoses has also risen, by 200 percent. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we are a Texas testing lab that will partner with you in overdose prevention techniques to keep our patients safe.

Deception vs. Perception

As you know as a provider, just because your patient seems like they are seeking pain medication does not mean that they are abusing their drugs on purpose. It is actually more likely that they are indeed, in pain. One in three Americans are currently dealing with some form of chronic pain and many of them are prescribed narcotic medicines on a long-term basis. Most of your patients aren’t trying to deceive you in any way. Unfortunately, it is the provider that must change the perception of this thought and focus more on the health of the patient. It is your job to know the patient. So how can we concretely change that perception for both the provider and the patient? Results can say it all.

Texas Testing Services

At Pharmacogenetic Testing,  we can test your patients for all different types of drugs, both prescription and nonprescription. We can give you concrete results on what type of drug it is, how much of the drug is being taken, how long it’s being used, and how often. Apart from a thorough examination of the patient, it greatly aids in overdose prevention techniques. We have a variety of services to help you do your due diligence before handing out a prescription to your patients. Our pharmacogenomics department can take a look at your patient’s genetics to determine how a medication will affect their body. Our polypharmacy profile department can identify all of the medications in a patient’s system and help to determine all of the different medication interactions that the patient may be experiencing, as well as the type of drugs. Of course, our toxicology department can confirm the type of drugs that your patient is on with accurate and fast result times.

Partnering with our team can show your patients that you are doing your due diligence before writing them a prescription and sending them into the world to be just another statistic. For more information on our Texas Testing lab, contact Pharmacogenetic Testing today at (833) 749-5227, as a life could depend on it.