As a business owner in Austin, TX, going the extra mile to ensure that you are hiring the right employees will benefit you in a lot of ways down the road. One key step to choosing the right employee is requiring drug testing during the pre-employment stage. This way if the potential employee fails the drug test, you know before any serious employment conversations with the individual begin. When it comes to finding a reliable drug testing lab in the area to provide accurate results, look no further than Pharmacogenetic Testing.

Benefits of Drug Testing

Drug use should never be encouraged in the workplace. Lots of companies strive to provide a drug free environment for their employees. This shows your employees that you care about their well being and success as an employee. Additionally, drug use can lead to poor work performance, unexpected absences and a lack of care for other coworkers. Not only can having an employee dealing with drug use cause headaches around the office, but it can become a financial burden for the business as well. Pre-employment drug tests help you avoid all of these difficult situations.

Quick & Detailed Results

Dragging out the hiring process is not in your best interest because it could cause you to miss out on some very talented employees. The longer it takes you to go through pre-employment screenings, the more time the candidate has to choose another company as their employer. Thanks to the expert staff at Pharmacogenetic Testing, you’ll receive these drug testing results within 32 to 48 hours. Additionally, the drug testing results come with a report that goes into great detail around the findings of the drug test.

Common Pre-Employment Drug Testing Options

As an employer, you are not locked into one particular type of drug test with Pharmacogenetic Testing. Instead, you can choose to utilize any combination of the following drug tests:

● Urine Testing – This is the most common drug test used in pre-employment screenings.
● Hair Testing – With just a small amount of hair from the scalp, our lab technicians can test for a wide variety of drugs.
● Oral Testing – Grabbing a quick swob from inside the candidate’s mouth will provide you with tamper free results!
● Blood Testing – A little more work goes into a blood drug test for pre-employment screenings, but it can be an option.

If you are a business owner in Austin, TX, and are looking to do your due diligence before hiring any future employees, requiring pre-employment drug screenings is the perfect step. Let our experienced team at Pharmacogenetic Testing handle all of your pre-employment drug testing needs. To learn more about our services, give us a call today at (833) 749-5227.