Pharmacogenetic Testing provides clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities with a wide variety of accurate, state of the art laboratory testing services that can provide much needed personalized information to help healthcare providers give their patients the best care possible.  Our team provides drug-gene testing, also known as pharmacogenomics, toxicology testing services, molecular panels and polypharmacy profiles to hospitals and clinics in the Texas area and around the country with the goal of helping providers find the path to better overall health care.

Pharmacogenomics Testing Services TX

Pharmacogenomics testing services, or drug-gene testing, provides health care personnel with important information about a person’s genes which can help determine which treatments, medications, and dosages that will be suitable for the patient’s body. This personalized information can help doctors prescribe medication that will be effective, dosed properly, virtually eliminating the risk of adverse drug events.

Toxicology Testing Services

Toxicology testing gives physicians and other health care providers important information about what types (if any) drugs a patient has in their system.  Toxicology testing is most often used for pre-employment screenings, criminal justice screenings, athletic programs, forensic examinations, pain management clinics, substance abuse centers, and mental health facilities.  Pharmacogenetic Testing can test hair, urine, blood or oral samples and can provide toxicology test results fast, usually within 32-48 hours.

Molecular Testing Panels

Pharmacogenetic Testing can also provide hospitals and clinics with the most accurate molecular panels so you can diagnose your patients quickly and correctly. We offer three panels that test for a combined 69 targets, and all of our panels are ready for you within about an hour.

Polypharmacy Profiles

Adverse drug events (ADE) are an extremely serious risk for patients seeking medical care who take multiple prescription drugs.  The Bennett Polypharmacy Profile (BPP) was developed to identify and determine drug interactions in order to reduce the number of adverse drug events.  It screens for the most commonly used prescription drugs, over the counter medications and herbal supplements.  Pharmacogenetic Testing administers the BPP to give hospitals and clinics the information they need for best prescribing practices.



Partner With Pharmacogenetic Testing


If you work for a hospital, clinic or other healthcare facility and would like to learn more about partnering with Pharmacogenetic Testing, call our team at 1-(855)-306-8318 for more information.  We offer fast, efficient and reliable laboratory testing services that can provide you the information you need to give your patients the best possible care.