Pre-employment Drug TestingThe study of human genes is simply fascinating to many. When it comes to medicine, pharmacogenetics testing is extremely valuable for medical providers. Through this testing, physicians are able to examine and understand in greater detail the makeup of their patients. This allows them to prescribe medications more accurately. If your Texas practice is looking for a partnership with a testing provider that specializes in pharmacogenetics testing services, look no further than our staff at Pharmacogenetic Testing.

Types of Tests

Our pharmacogenetics is not limited to just one field of medicine. In fact, this gene based testing can be helpful in a wide range of practices. Over the years, we have regularly provided pharmacogenetics testing in the following areas:

● Urology Testing
● OBGYN Testing
● Neurology Testing
● Pain Management Testing
● Psychiatric Testing
● Internal Medicine Testing
● Family Practice Testing
● Orthopedic Testing
● Addiction Testing

Benefits of Pharmacogenetics Testing

For many years, medical providers have found themselves working harder and harder to prevent adverse drug reactions for their patients. Not every human reacts the same way to medications, so there is always a chance that a reaction may occur when a new medication is introduced. Pharmacogenetics testing examines your patient’s gene makeup to determine which medications, dosages and treatment plans will work best for that individual. This type of testing has become more and more popular in recent years and Medicare even covers this type of testing in most states. Not only does pharmacogenetics testing help your patients, but it also helps medical practices save money. Less medication is wasted because genetic testing is performed prior to prescribing the medication, which in turn keeps adverse reactions at a minimum.

Quick and Accurate Service

Thanks to our expert lab specialists and top of the line equipment, our team can get your pharmacogenetics testing results back within 32-48 hours. This return time is one of the fastest in the nation and we are still able to offer incredibly accurate results. Not only do we offer quick results, but the reports are also very detailed.

If you manage a medical clinic or hospital in Texas and are interested in pharmacogenetics testing services, a partnership with our lab team at Pharmacogenetic Testing is your next step. Give us a call today at (833) 749-5227 to learn more about how we can help you prescribe medications more accurately in the future! We’re eager to help you decrease the chances of adverse drug reactions within your clinic or hospital.