Pharmacogenomic Testing DFWHospitals and clinics around Dallas/Fort Worth, TX are always looking for ways to enhance their patient service. It is important to be a step ahead of the rest when it comes to patient care. In the end, the patients are why we need hospitals and clinics, right? Well, if you manage a medical facility and are looking for ways to enhance your patient care, pharmacogenomic testing may be just what you need. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, our expert staff provides drug gene testing services to the DFW, Texas area.

Importance of Pharmacogenomic Testing

As medical providers, we strive to know our patients better each day. All patients are different, so there is no way to come up with one treatment plan for all of your patients. Through pharmacogenetic testing, you can learn the gene detail of your patients. This helps you make a more educated analysis when it comes to their treatment plan, dosage amounts and medications. This type of testing has become more and more popular, and is now covered by Medicare in most states. Your medical facility in Dallas/Fort Worth can reduce patient side effects through drug gene testing from Pharmacogenetic Testing. Our lab specialists will thoroughly examine your patient’s genes to determine their interaction with various drugs. This reduces the need for medication experimentation, limits the occurrence of dangerous drug events, helps the treatment process speed up,  and can even help your clinic or hospital save money.

Long Term Benefits

Genes of a human do not change over time. So, your patients only need to be tested one time for a particular medication. The testing will have to be completed again before a new medication is introduced. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we can help you keep track of these pharmacogenetic testing results.

Expert Testing Assistance DFW Texas

What good is pharmacogenomic testing if you can’t understand the results. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we specialize in providing accurate, detailed and efficient testing results so that medical providers know how to move forward with the treatment plan. Typically, our drug gene testing results are available within 32-48 hours, which is one of the fastest result times in the country.

Take the next step when it comes to patient care by investing in pharmacogenetic testing for your Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas clinic or hospital. Look no further than our staff at Pharmacogenetic Testing to provide you cost effective and accurate drug gene testing so that you can provide your patients with helpful medication the first time around! To learn more about our pharmacogenomic testing services in DFW, give us a call today at (833) 749-5227.