Prescription Drug Screening LabThese days it’s hard to find a patient that isn’t on some type of prescription medication. A survey recently discovered that almost 70% of all Americans are on at least one prescription drug. Of that 70%, more than half of them take at least two. If 70% of Americans are taking a prescription medicine, that can mean that statistically 7 out of every 10 residents in Amarillo, TX are on a prescription medication. With stats like these, it’s important to have the resource for advanced drug prescription testing. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we are a drug testing lab that specializes in advanced drug prescription drug tests.

Drug-Gene Testing

As prescription drugs become more common, there is a need to understand how specific medications affect how the body grows. While we can likely guess what a medication will do in general, drug-gene testing, or pharmacogenomics, studies the way that each individual is affected by the drug. This is an invaluable resource that many clinicians have begun to use in their daily practice. No more experimenting on whether or not something will work and no more crossing our fingers hoping not to have an adverse reaction. Our drug-gene testing results come back within 32 to 48 hours, meaning our clinicians can begin giving medications that they know will work for their patients more quickly.

Polypharmacy Profiles

As mentioned before, many Americans and Amarillo, TX residents are on multiple prescription drugs at a time. Do you feel like that’s the safest way to deliver care? Prescribing a medication to someone that is already on so many other drugs is a risky decision, however, sometimes it is also very necessary. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we offer polypharmacy profile testing through the Bennett Polypharmacy Profile tool. This tool is a screening done through a urinalysis that helps to verify all that is in a person’s system. This is especially useful for those who are poor historians for their own medical care, like the elderly, or for those who have had prescription abuse/neglect problems in the past.

Want to learn more? At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we work hard every day to provide our providers and clinicians with fast and efficient results. If you or someone you know in Amarillo, TX is looking for a lab that provides advanced drug prescription drug testing, call us today. Our representatives are standing by ready to help you provide better care today at (833) 749-5227.