Toxicology Testing When you decided to pursue a career in clinical medicine, you likely wanted to make a difference, help your patients and provide the best possible care every single day. Healthcare providers in all specialties tend to share this mission for their career. And, as the world of medicine advances, there are new opportunities to learn more about your patients so that your decisions about their care can be more informed. Pharmacogenomic testing allows you to better understand how a specific drug will work for your patient, so that you can minimize the number of prescriptions you have to try and avoid adverse drug events. Pharmacogenetic Testing, partners with hospitals and medical practices all over the Texas area to provide accurate and reliable pharmacogenomic testing to improve overall quality of healthcare.

Benefits of Pharmacogenomic Testing

Drug-gene testing, or pharmacogenomic testing, gives you important information about how a patient’s genes affect their body’s response to medications. This information is extremely valuable to the health care providers who manage their care. The many benefits of pharmacogenomic testing include:

  • Provides healthcare providers with more relevant patient information;
  • Allows physicians and health care providers to prescribe precise medication that will be effective;
  • Decreases the cost of trying different medication before finding one that actually works;
  • Decreases changes of dangerous adverse drug events;
  • Reduces the need to experiment with dosage;
  • A person’s genes never change so they only need to be tested for a medication once.
  • Keeping track of these results can help a patient for their whole life;
  • Personalized style of medicine saves expenses from side effects and allows individuals to get specialized medical care based on their genes.

Fast, Reliable and Accurate Test Results

Texas Genetic Testing LLC works with urologists, Ob/Gyns, neurologists, pain management specialists, psychiatrists, internal medicine and family medicine physicians, orthopedists and addiction specialists. If you partner with our lab for this testing, you can expect to receive clear results fast. Our team will turn around test results in a matter of 32-48 hours, a much shorter turnaround time than other laboratories in the country. This gives you the information quickly so that you can make treatment decisions quickly and efficiently. Our reports are detailed, easy to understand and always accurate, so you can feel confident about what you are receiving.

If you would like more information about drug gene testing, also called pharmacogenomic testing, call Pharmacogenetic Testing at (833) 749-5227 for more information.