Polypharmacy Screening ToolsAs a population, we sometimes hear words like “pharmacogenetics” or “polypharmacy” and immediately think that these types of things are excessive or dare we say, confusing. However, when you really begin to grasp the concept of pharmacogenetics testing, an entire new realm of possibilities open up. Lives get saved, people lead a better quality of life, and new education on medication is achieved. At Pharmacogenetic Testing., we perform polypharmacy screening and polypharmacy testing/service for those exact reasons. We want to help you help your patients! There are many benefits to polypharmacy testing, especially for the elderly and truly, anyone else on multiple medications.

Polypharmacy Testing/Service

So what defines polypharmacy and why is it important for polypharmacy screening in the elderly? By definition, polypharmacy is the use of four or more medications by a patient. Almost one-third of Americans between the ages of 57-85 are taking at least five prescription drugs. So can’t you imagine how important it is to study polypharmacy? Polypharmacy and medication misuse has become the fourth leading cause of death in this country. Imagine the lives that could be saved using a polypharmacy testing/service. This is why Pharmacogenetic Testing., uses a Bennett Polypharmacy Profile for polypharmacy testing/service.

Bennett Polypharmacy Profile

The Bennett Polypharmacy profile is polypharmacy screening that successfully identifies and determines drug interactions between medications used by a particular person. This is specific to the person and specific to the drugs. Ultimately, the goal of the Bennett Polypharmacy profile is to reduce the number of adverse drug events that patient’s unfortunately succumb to. With a simple urinalysis, the Bennett Polypharmacy Profile screens for all types of prescribed drugs, OTC medications, and herbal substances. It can identify drugs that were prescribed by different physicians. This polypharmacy testing/service opens the gateway for discussions with patients and their families, particularly in the elderly, and ultimately reduces fatalities and illnesses due to drug interactions.

Right now, our drug checking system is flawed. A patient’s chart is no longer reliable, as  incomplete or inaccurate charting and seeing multiple doctors at once has made it a tough road for physicians. Instead of playing the guessing game with your patient’s life, consider using our Bennett Polypharmacy Profile and having full confidence with your decision on prescribing multiple medications to a patient.

As the baby boomers get older, polypharmacy screening will only become a more essential tool. For more information about Pharmacogenetic Testing., and our polypharmacy testing/service, give us a call today at (833) 749-5227.