Texas Testing LabStatistics highlight trends across our country, both good and bad. When it comes to drug overdoses, the statistics can simply be mind-boggling. It is time to bring these statistics to the forefront and to take the necessary steps to prevent future overdoses from occurring. If you are looking to partner with a reliable Texas testing lab in the area that takes the prescription drug overdose problem seriously, look no further than Pharmacogenetic Testing for all of your drug testing services.

Importance of Testing Services

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 28,000 individuals died in 2014 from an opioid overdose, which included prescriptions opioids. The CDC study shows that more than half of these deaths were from prescription opioids. So, this goes to show the rampant abuse that is occurring with prescription drug use across the country. The concerning issue is that these numbers are continuing to rise. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we are committed to doing everything in our power to help reduce these overdose numbers. Life is too valuable for it to be cut short by a prescription drug overdose.

Specialty Testing Services

  • Pharmacogenomics Testing – This type of testing focuses on drug genes, and helps medical providers get a better grip on which types of prescriptions will work best for your patient before they are prescribed. With prescription medicine, there is not a one size fits all option, so pharmacogenomics testing can help doctors determine how their patient’s body will react to their medications. This testing also helps reduce the likelihood of an adverse reaction or even worse, a prescription overdose.
  • Toxicology Testing – At Pharmacogenetic Testing, our top notch toxicology testing helps medical practices across Texas test for prescription or drug use. Not only can we pinpoint the type of drug used, but our Texas testing lab can also tell you how much of the drug was used. If you are at all concerned about individuals abusing prescription or non-prescription drugs, our toxicology testing services can validate your fear.
  • Polypharmacy Testing – Drug overdoses don’t just occur in the younger population. As a medical provider, you should be concerned for your patients of all ages when it comes to prescription drug overdose. After all, older patients are prescribed more drugs than any other age group of our population. Our polypharmacy profile testing can help you verify which specific prescription drugs your patient may be taking and help you ensure that no issues will occur when an individual has to take multiple prescriptions.

If you are looking for a Texas testing lab that focuses on preventing future overdoses from occurring, Pharmacogenetic Testing is the partner for you! Help our community grab a hold of prescription drug overdoses and reduce the statistics found by the CDC, by calling our experienced staff at (833) 749-5227 to take advantage of our diverse testing services.