Pharmacogenetic, Toxicology, and Polypharmacy Testing Services TXIs your private practice in search of a reliable organization that provides drug-gene testing in Texas? Look no further than Pharmacogenetic Testing. Our team of professionals provides reliable pharmacogenomics (PGX) testing that you can use to accurately develop a treatment plan for your patients. Whether you have blood, hair, urine or saliva samples, we can get you accurate results in a timely fashion.

Pharmacogenomics 101

When it comes to PGX, it is best to start with the basics. Pharmacogenomics is also known as drug gene testing. Through our testing, medical providers are able to evaluate the genetic build of individuals. Primarily, our Texas PGX testing services will help determine how your patients will react to particular medications, based on historical data found through this testing. Say goodbye to the days where your patients had to experiment with various prescriptions to determine how its body reacts. By partnering with our Texas lab testing facility, you’ll be able to attack each day on the job with more confidence thanks to our accurate PGX testing which will help you determine the proper medication for your patients.

Get To Know Our Texas Lab Testing Team

  • Why – If all humans reacted to medication the same way, medicine would be a lot easier. The reality is that the same type of medication does not work for everyone. Due to this, Pharmacogenetic Testing is here to help medical providers determine an effective treatment plan for their patients.
  • What – Our services are centered around drug-gene testing to determine how the body’s genes react to certain ingredients within medication. Once the testing is complete, we can help providers understand which medication to stay away from during treatment.
  • Who – At Pharmacogenetic Testing, you will be partnering with a recognized testing center that has developed strong partnerships with labs and a wide variety of clients nationwide. Not only do we provide accurate results, but you will receive quality customer service from every aspect of our team.
  • How – Once we get your patients preferred sample, our team will race to ensure that you get the results back within 32-48 hours. This accurate speed is one of the highest in the nation. Once we provide you with the testing results, you are able to provide more accurate medicinal options for your patients without having to treat them as a guinea pig.

If you are a private practice that needs a team of testing professionals that specialize in Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacogenetic Testing is just the partner you have been looking for. Give us a call today at (833) 749-5227 to learn more about our accurate testing services and how we can assist your medical practice in the future.