Many employers use drug testing services to determine if potential employees – or current ones who have been involved in an accident – are under the influence of illicit drugs. And they do this for good reason: drug testing saves companies a lot of money down the road. Texas Genetic Testing LLC performs employment drug testing for companies to ensure they aren’t liable for employees who use drugs. If you are looking for a lab to conduct your employment drug testing, look no further than Texas Genetic Testing LLC. Our ever-expanding testing menu stays up to date with the latest and newest pharmaceutical and illicit drugs. So contact us today and get on a path to making your business safer and more productive.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing TX

Testing potential employees before they are hired has its positives and negatives. For many businesses, the positives outweigh the negatives. Safety and security are two big areas of concern when considering drug testing, including positions that operate heavy machinery, positions of power, health care workers, etc. Studies have shown that employees who are under the influence often miss more work (attendance issues) and are less productive when they are at work. They are also at more risk of workplace injuries and this can increase worker’s compensation and health insurance costs. Drug testing can also minimize theft issues involving work place equipment. It also deters employees from future use and reduces the possibility of liability for employers. The negatives generally arise from costs, but for most businesses, this is offset due to the costs that can be saved with drug testing.

Accident Drug Testing Texas

Frequently after a workplace accident, employees involved in the accident are required to undergo drug testing to determine if they were under the influence at the time of the accident. And while testing does not determine at-the-time impairment, it can determine if the employee in question had recently used. If a positive test comes back, that’s enough for reasonable suspicion to discipline the employee. Texas Genetic Testing LLC performs accident-related drug testing for many businesses around Texas. If a recent workplace accident has occurred at your place of business, contact us today and we will have toxicology results back to you quickly so that you may have the matter resolved.

Reliable Drug Testing

Texas Genetic Testing LLC performs drug testing services for businesses around Texas. Our tests are reliable and yield fast results so that companies can make timely decisions. And we stay up to date with the latest in illicit drugs so that nothing slips under our radar. If you need reliable drug testing services for your place of business, contact us today.