Pharmacogenomics is still a pretty new topic of conversation to physicians and pharmacists. While some have recognized the usefulness of the field, others, including some insurance companies, still view it as experimental at best. However, Texas Genetic Testing LLC sees the potential in pharmacogenomics testing and we perform these tests so that physicians have the most accurate information available when prescribing medications for patients. It’s our goal to inform medical practitioners of the benefits of this field so that patients can get on the path to good health more quickly and with less experimentation.

What is Pharmacogenomics Testing?

Every person’s genes are unique to themselves. And medications that may interact positively with one person’s genes have the potential to act negatively (and even cause death) with another person’s genes. Pharmacogenomics testing determines if a person’s genes will react positively or negatively with a particular medication. This testing can help limit the number of adverse drug events (ADEs), something that has become a leading cause of death in this country. It also gives more accurate information into a patient’s health condition and genetic predisposition.

How Pharmacogenomics Works

A physician takes a swab from a patient’s cheek and sends the sample into the lab for analysis. From there the sample is analyzed to determine how someone’s genes will react to a medication. Oftentimes, what is considered a side effect of medication may in fact be caused by a person’s genetic makeup and how it interacts with the medication. When physicians are able to understand a patient’s genetic makeup, they are able to adjust medication accordingly, either by prescribing the recommended dose, adjusting the dose, or prescribing an alternative medication.

When physicians don’t have pharmacogenomics at their disposal, they are often left to the old method of treatment: experimenting with doses and medications until the right formula for the patient is discovered. And the problem with this is that while this experimentation is taking place, the patient may not be getting better or may in fact be getting worse due to wrong medication. This is what typically leads to ADEs – something that we hope to have under control with this new field of testing available to us.

Pharmacogenomics and the Future of Medicine

It is our hope that the field of pharmacogenomics spreads and that medical practitioners utilize this new tool that allows them to accurately treat their patients. Mental health DNA, cardiac DNA, and pain medication DNA can now be determined with this new testing. As more physicians use this new field, it should spread and be realized by their peers. And Texas Genetic Testing LLC is at the forefront of this testing to ensure that patients get the best care they can get. If you would like to get your clinic started with pharmacogenomics testing, contact us today and we will have you on the path to faster and more accurate treatments.