Toxicology TxThere are many reasons why you, your business or healthcare facility might need toxicology testing services. These tests can be helpful during the hiring process, in the criminal justice system, to screen for drugs in athletes, or to make sure that a patient is clean while in a drug treatment facility. Toxicology tests can check for as many as 30 different drugs at once, including prescription drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol, and even vitamins, supplements and over the counter drugs. This testing is most often done with saliva, hair or urine, depending on what meets your needs. Pharmacogenetic Testing partners with businesses, law enforcement agencies, healthcare facilities and physicians in Texas and around the country to provide high quality, fast and reliable toxicology testing services.

Fast, Accurate and Reliable Drug Testing Services

Our laboratory crew understands that you need test results fast – so our lab most often is able to get results to a provider in a matter of 32-48 hours, rather than days (or a week) like many local labs. This allows for faster response time and decision making on your part. The report we provide is detailed and comprehensive but also easy to read and our lab techs are available to answer questions so that you can make the decisions you need to make as a result. We provide online reports so that you can have access to results anytime.

Texas Genetic Testing LLC can complete testing on urine, hair, blood and oral samples and if you have questions about the methods, our team can talk to you about your needs and help you decide which method is best. This may depend somewhat on whether you need a test that can detect the drug(s) in the recent or more distant past. Our comprehensive tests can detect any of a wide variety of drugs including:

● Alcohol
● Amphetamines
● Barbiturates
● Benzodiazepines
● Cannabinoids
● Cocaine
● Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB)
● Morphine
● Opioids (Natural & Synthetic)
● Synthetic Analgesics
● Tricyclic Antidepressants

Comprehensive Pharmacogenomics, Toxicology and Pharmacology Services, TX

In addition to toxicology testing, Pharmacogenetic Testing can also complete pharmacogenetic testing, molecular panels and polypharmacy profiles and has recently expanded to serve not only the Texas area, but around the country. Call one of our professional and experienced service representatives today at (833) 749-5227 for more information about any of our drug testing services. We offer affordable pricing, strong customer service and fast, reliable and accurate results to help you do your job better!