polypharmacy profile testing mnOld lady Suzy went into the emergency department for chest pain. While she is a bit older, her body is pretty steady and her mind is sharp. Therefore, she insisted that she live in her own home alone. As old lady Suzy entered into the emergency room, she was greeted by a nice and knowledgeable nurse. She checked her in, performed an EKG and took her medication list. Because the hospital worked with an EHr and the medications seemed correct, the list was quickly checked over and old lady Suzy was rushed back as she was having a heart attack. Ultimately, Suzy passed away but not because of the heart attack. Suzy had recently been put on new medications. Unfortunately, the meds she was on mixed with the meds she encountered in the hospital had a combined, unknown side effect that caused other organs in her body to fail. Old lady Suzy is the reason why polypharmacy profile testing exists and why it’s vital in today’s polypharmacy society!

Importance of Polypharmacy Profile Testing

Pharmacogenetic Testing is your premiere spot for polypharmacy profile testing in Texas. We recognize the importance of polypharmacy profile testing because we’ve seen it go terribly wrong before. Polypharmacy increases a patient’s risk for adverse drug reactions, drug interactions, and in some cases, side effects as costly as death. It is the fourth leading cause of death in this country and yet one-third of Americans between the age of 57 and 85 are taking at least 5 prescription drugs. If you are located in Texas, let Pharmacogenetic Testing administer what’s called the Bennett Polypharmacy Profile, BPP. This test successfully identifies and determines drug interactions and will help to reduce the number of adverse drug events within your clinic or hospital

How Do We Test?

Testing through a quick and easy urine sample, the BPP can see the prescribed drugs, OTC medications, and herbal supplements. This becomes valuable for elderly patients on medications, chronic pain patients, and patients with common medical issues that receive regular drugs.

We can do everything right in the medical profession. We can offer excellent care, treat obvious and underlying problems, but unfortunately, no one can clearly say how a multitude of consumed drugs will affect your body…that is until it’s tested. The BPP can give you that objective analysis of what meds your patient is actually on and how it’s affecting their body. Polypharmacy Profile Testing in Texas should be an added essential in every clinic and hospital. Pharmacogenetic Testing can put you on the forefront of medicine. For more information, contact us today at (833) 749-5227.