Polypharmacy & Baby BoomersAs a medical provider, being able to track a patient’s drug intake is extremely important. When prescribing medication to a patient, there are always set instructions regarding the pace at which the drugs should be taken. If a patient comes back into your Texas facility asking for more medications before they should have ran out, you may have a drug intake issue. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we have toxicology testing solutions that can quickly and accurately track your patient’s drug use.

Safe Medication Administration with Toxicology Testing

As a medical provider in Texas, your license is on the line every single day. Your patients come to you for medication guidance and it is imperative that you properly track their intake every step of the way. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, our dedicated testing staff goes the extra mile to ensure that you provide safe medication administration to every patient that walks through your doors. Our toxicology testing services can test to see if any misuse is occurring with your patients. If so, you then have the documentation to back up their misuse.

Toxicology Testing Services

Most commonly, our expert testing specialists perform the following toxicology tests to track a patient’s drug intake:
Urine Drug Testing – Our most commonly used toxicology test, urine drug testing can test for a whole host of drugs, however there is a risk of tampering with these tests.
Hair Drug Testing – With a small sample of hair, our lab technicians can track a patient’s drug intake quickly. The risk of tampering with this test is much lower because there is supervision at all times.
Oral Drug Testing – A quick cheek swab can provide enough of a sample to track drug intake for your patients.
Blood Drug Testing – Blood drug testing is extremely accurate and provides comprehensive results that can easily be shown to patients.

Fast Results When They Matter Most

The speed and accuracy of toxicology testing can make the difference in a life or death situation. Tracking your patient’s drug intake is extremely important. Typically, our toxicology testing results are available within 32-48 hours. Additionally, you receive detailed testing reports that provide the details and findings that your patients need to hear. To top it off, our laboratory representatives are available to help you understand the comprehensive results if you have any questions.

If you are looking to strengthen the way that you track your patient’s drug intake, our team at Pharmacogenetic Testing is your perfect partner. Let us help your Texas medical practice today by calling (833) 749-5227.