Polypharmacy & Baby BoomersFor pain management clinics, understanding patients’ medical histories, including prescription and over-the-counter medications, is a crucial element of creating effective and safe pain management plans. If you’re working with a patient who has a history of using a wide variety of prescription medications, if you’re wondering what the adverse effects of a prescription drug may be in a specific patient, or if you’re wondering how multiple medications will react within your patient, Pharmacogenetic Testing can help. With state-of-the-art lab testing equipment, we are able to conduct a variety of tests, including polypharmacy profile tests and drug-gene tests, otherwise known as pharmacogenomics or pharmacogenetics testing. If you’re in need of a drug-gene testing company or polypharmacy profile testing lab in Fort Worth, Benbrook, or White Settlement, Texas, we can help you make sure you provide the best pain management clinic treatment possible for each and every patient you see.

Benefits of Drug-Gene Testing for Pain Management Clinics

Drug-gene testing, pharmacogenomics, or pharmacogenetics testing allows us to determine accurate information about patients’ genes, which in turn gives us information about how their bodies will react to specific treatments, medications, and dosages. By studying patients genes through drug-gene testing, we are able to help you avoid trial and error medication prescriptions and the adverse drug events that can arise from medications that are not suited to individual patients. With drug-gene testing for pain management clinic patients, we can help you discover the best pain management medications for your patients without the risk of adverse drug events simply by studying their genetic makeup.

Polypharmacy Profile Testing for Decreased Adverse Drug Events

One of the common issues among pain management clinic patients is that there can be negative effects of mixing too many medications within the body. If you have a patient who has been prescribed medications in the past that could create negative reactions with pain management medications, or if you believe your patient may be abusing medications or practicing unsafe polypharmacy, a polypharmacy profile test will let you know for sure. At Tesac Genetic Testing, LLC, we are able to use the Bennet Polypharmacy Profile test (BPP) to identify drugs in patients’ systems as well as the interactions of drugs within a patient’s system. Simply by understanding a patient’s medication use, we are able to prevent adverse drug events and help you ensure that your patients get the exact pain management treatments they need.

Both drug-gene testing and polypharmacy profile testing can be exceptionally useful in determining the safety of prescribed medications for individual patients. Especially in cases of pain management cases, it’s likely that you’ll need to have a thorough understanding of your patients’ histories with prescription medication and whether they are currently taking medications that could react negatively with new pain medication. To be sure you have the most information as you can get for your pain management clinic treatments, contact Pharmacogenetic Testing at (833) 749-5227 for Fort Worth, Benbrook, and White Settlement, Texas pain management clinic patient testing services.