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Toxicology Testing In Texas

Toxicology Testing ServiceIf you’ve seen the media lately, it’s likely you’ve came across the video of the nurse and the police officer fighting over drawing a patient’s blood. That was an extremely uncomfortable and unfortunate situation that we do not wish on anyone. This is another reason why, at Pharmacogenetic Testing. we are so thankful for our team and our outstanding approach to toxicology testing. It is here that we collaborate with practicing physicians in finding the best treatment possible as well as performing the safest and effective toxicology testing possible.

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Molecular Panels Corpus Christi Texas

molecular panel testing near AmarilloYour patient arrives at the emergency department via EMS. Your patient is a 35 year old male that is diaphoretic, blood pressure 90 palp, heart rate of 150, and a fleeting temperature. He is in and out of consciousness and unaware of his surroundings. Lactate level is sky high. What’s your stance as a provider? How can you fully help this patient before their condition deteriorates and worsens? At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we do not treat the patients for you. Those are not our decisions. Our job is to provide you with knowledge on how to treat the patient. How to fight an infection that has caused, even this particular patient, to go into septic shock. If you are a provider in Corpus Christi, TX, it’s important that you know how we can help you save your patient’s life. Pharmacogenetic Testing offers molecular panels that give you the ability to quickly and reliably diagnose and treat your patient appropriately.

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Pharmacogenetics Testing TX

Pharmacogenetics Testing TXAt Pharmacogenetic Testing we offer a variety of pharmacogenetics testing services. We are proud to be leaders in our community and in the pharmacogenomics world. If you are searching for any type of lab services, both simple and complex, the first and only place you should turn to is Pharmacogenetic Testing. The following is a short list of the many types of tests we perform here in Texas:

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Drug Tests Fort Worth Texas

Tx Drug Testing LabAs a business owner, you put a lot of trust in your employees. If you have recently been burned by employees that have become unreliable because of a drug habit, it is time that you make some changes with the way you run your organization. Employees that are not reliable can be detrimental to your business, both emotionally and financially. If you run a business in Fort Worth, Texas that needs employee and potential employee drug tests, a partnership with our staff at Pharmacogenetic Testing should be a top priority.

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Employment Drug Testing Texas

Many employers use drug testing services to determine if potential employees – or current ones who have been involved in an accident – are under the influence of illicit drugs. And they do this for good reason: drug testing saves companies a lot of money down the road. Texas Genetic Testing LLC performs employment drug testing for companies to ensure they aren’t liable for employees who use drugs.

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