Pre-employment Drug TestingHiring is a difficult task — and one that dramatically impacts the effectiveness and efficiency of a work group.  Finding the right person for an open position requires careful review of resumes, interviews and reference checks. And, when you find the best match for the position and they have accepted, it is time for the background check and pre employment drug screening. Knowing whether your new employee uses drugs is extremely important to determining their ability to perform the responsibilities of the job.  Texas Genetic Testing LLC is a leading professional toxicology testing company, and can quickly and accurately process pre employment drug screening, post employment drug screening, as well as random drug screens so that you can be sure that your future and current employees are drug free and ready for the job.

Drug Screening Process

The team at Texas Genetic Testing can screen for a wide variety of illegal and as well as prescription drugs including amphetamines, barbiturates, opioids, PCP, cocaine, morphine, GHB, marijuana, benzodiazepines, alcohol and many others.  We can test using a wide variety of the most popular methods of testing:

  1. Urine Drug Testing
  2. Oral Fluid Testing
  3. Hair Testing

Most often drug screening for pre employment, post employment and random drug screens use the urine or oral screening method.  Urine drug testing is approved by the federal government and is very inexpensive for employers.  Screening urine can detect drug use within approximately 3 days.  Oral fluid testing is an easier and more flexible collection method and is highly effective at detecting recent drug use as well.

Leading Drug Screening Laboratory

Pharmacogenetic Testing can partner with employers all over Texas to process all types of drug testing quickly and accurately.  Our company is growing and beginning to reach even further outside of the state.

Our lab can provide employers these drug screening results within 32-48 hours.  Using our state of the art online portal, you can simply login and view the results you need in an easy to understand format that presents the information clearly.  You will also have access to a detailed report that accompanies each set of results.

Our laboratory is ready to partner with your company to implement employment drug screening process including pre-employment, post employment and random drug screens.  Call a member of our staff toll free at 1-(855) 306-8347 for more information.