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Laboratory Testing Services TX

molecular panel testing near AmarilloIn order to go up against drug use in Texas, it is vital that laboratory testing facilities diversify the different types of testing that they offer. At Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, we specialize in being laboratory testing experts in a wide range of areas. If you sense that a testing sample may have been tampered with, it is important to be able to offer an alternative drug testing option that can be monitored more closely. If you are looking for professional laboratory services in TX that offer options, a partnership with our lab specialists is a necessity. Let us be the team you can count on no matter what, as we provide drug testing services to a wide range of businesses, teams, schools and judicial departments.

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Drug Tests Fort Worth Texas

Tx Drug Testing LabAs a business owner, you put a lot of trust in your employees. If you have recently been burned by employees that have become unreliable because of a drug habit, it is time that you make some changes with the way you run your organization. Employees that are not reliable can be detrimental to your business, both emotionally and financially. If you run a business in Fort Worth, Texas that needs employee and potential employee drug tests, a partnership with our staff at Pharmacogenetic Testing should be a top priority.

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Polypharmacy Testing TX

Polypharmacy & Baby BoomersAccurate polypharmacy testing with quick online delivery of patient lab results is the foundation of our success with physicians and clinics seeking polypharmacy testing in Texas. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we provide a vast selection of testing services that allow physicians to treat their patients with a personalized approach. For a variety of reasons, but primarily to assist physicians, clinics, and hospitals with the care of their patients, we offer polypharmacy testing and the delivery of test results within 32 to 48 hours.

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