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Pain Management Clinics

Polypharmacy & Baby BoomersFor pain management clinics, understanding patients’ medical histories, including prescription and over-the-counter medications, is a crucial element of creating effective and safe pain management plans. If you’re working with a patient who has a history of using a wide variety of prescription medications, if you’re wondering what the adverse effects of a prescription drug may be in a specific patient, or if you’re wondering how multiple medications will react within your patient, Pharmacogenetic Testing can help. With state-of-the-art lab testing equipment, we are able to conduct a variety of tests, including polypharmacy profile tests and drug-gene tests, otherwise known as pharmacogenomics or pharmacogenetics testing. If you’re in need of a drug-gene testing company or polypharmacy profile testing lab in Fort Worth, Benbrook, or White Settlement, Texas, we can help you make sure you provide the best pain management clinic treatment possible for each and every patient you see.

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Pre-employment Drug TestingIf you are looking in Texas for a one stop shop for all of your laboratory testing needs, our team at Pharmacogenetic Testing is the partner for you! We focus on helping private medical practices, pain management providers, mental health facilities, etc., with building a path towards better health for their patients. Not only is our testing facility efficient and accurate, but we also offer a wide variety of services that can help medical providers in TX.

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Pharmacogenetic Testing TX

Pharmacogenetic Testing TXPharmacogenetics, also called drug gene testing, gives doctors and other healthcare providers important information about their patient’s genetic makeup so that they can provide them with the best possible care.  This gives physicians the ability to predict whether a patient will have an adverse reaction to a specific medicine that they want to prescribe – before the patient tries the medicines and experiences a reaction.  Texas Genetic Testing LLC specializes in state of the art and fast pharmacogenetics testing for hospitals and clinics in Texas as well as around the country.

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Pharmacogenetics Testing

Pre-employment Drug TestingThe study of human genes is simply fascinating to many. When it comes to medicine, pharmacogenetics testing is extremely valuable for medical providers. Through this testing, physicians are able to examine and understand in greater detail the makeup of their patients. This allows them to prescribe medications more accurately. If your Texas practice is looking for a partnership with a testing provider that specializes in pharmacogenetics testing services, look no further than our staff at Pharmacogenetic Testing.

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Polypharmacy Profile Testing Services Amarillo TX

polypharmacy testing Amarillo TXUnless you work in the medical field or have a friend or family member that is struggling with multiple medications daily, you may not even know what polypharmacy profile testing is, or how useful of a tool it can be to patients taking four or more medications daily. While medications are great and they can help minimize symptoms or even solve problematic diagnosis, our world today has made it easier than ever to prescribe multiple medications at once…

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