Pre-employment Drug TestingTexas Genetic Testing LLC, is a trusted texas company that provides drug gene testing, otherwise known as pharmacogenomics testing (PGX), toxicology testing, and polypharmacy testing to private physicians, hospitals, and medical research laboratories. Our testing services will work with you and accommodate the type of testing you need, including blood, hair, urine or saliva samples and we can either make standard tests or customized tests for you. This will allow doctors to accurately monitor their patients’ care in order to achieve better health. The personalized approach to healthcare that we provide for practicing physicians allows for the best treatment plan possible to patients.


Toxicology testing reduces medical practice liabilities by allowing physicians to accurately understand what is in the patient’s body, which dictates what medications and prescriptions the doctors can use without adverse effects. Furthermore, physicians can monitor patients who have a history of addiction, this can allow doctors to avoid other addictive medications and medications that can compound the effects of the current abused drug. Toxicology testing is an accurate way to determine which medications or illicit drugs a patient is or isn’t taking.

Pharmacogenetic Testing is one of the fastest Drug Testing facilities in the country and we are proud to continue to offer the best service for all of our clients. As some labs take weeks to return reports, this can be problematic when trying to accurately and quickly treat a patient. We will return test results within 32 to 48 hours. This speed helps allow physicians to do their job as best they can. We are proud to be able to give physicians accurate and quick results to allow for their patients in order for them to get the best care and improve their health. We also are available 7 days a week so that we can help answer any questions that you may have about the toxicology results. We use new testing services which are new to the industry, and our procedures are becoming more popular because physicians are seeing the benefits to help their clinic and their patients.  Common physicians using our services are involved with family practices, pain specialty, neurology, orthoepy, OB GYN, urology, and more.

We have state of the art facilities so that we can guarantee accurate and clear results for you and your patients. We provide modern, cost-efficient and competitively priced lab testing for hospitals and private clinics. It is our mission to provide you with only the best testing, making our client happy and your patients healthier. Our professional lab technicians will meet and exceed your expectations. If you would like to talk to one of our representatives about setting up testing services, call (833) 749-5227 today. Our representatives will be more than happy to talk to you.