Tx Drug Testing LabLooking for a Texas drug testing lab with accurate results? There are many reasons for needing a drug test. Whether you are trying to complete employment drug testing or you have court ordered drug tests to give and receive, Pharmacogenetic Testing has you covered. Our goal is to ultimately help physicians and their patients get on a better path. Our services are commonly used by clinics, private practices, and medical research teams so that they can feel confident that the results they need are accurate. We can do both urine drug tests and hair drug tests so that a wide array of toxicology is covered. If you are looking for a Texas drug testing lab with accurate results, look no further than Pharmacogenetic Testing.

Urine Drug Testing Lab Texas

Urine is both an inexpensive and effective way to test a patient for drugs. Most drugs that people ingest are excreted through the urine. So when our lab takes a patient’s urine, we are able to analyze, detect and then report in a timely manner. We arrange our urine drug tests in panel to include common combinations of substances. We can do a simple screening for just alcohol or include a comprehensive 12 panel test that includes more specific prescription drugs or heavily digestible drugs, like ecstasy. Our urine drug tests are typically reported within one business day if negative. Abnormal tests go through a series of confirmation which can take anywhere from 3-5 business days.

Hair Drug Testing Lab Texas

Hair drug tests are utilized in cases where long term or repeated substance abuse is a problem. The detection period lasts longer than urine drug tests and works well with those who suffer from repeated, chronic, or binge usage of a drug. One of our skilled technicians will typically need to cut about 1.5” long hair, just a small amount, to do this test. Hair drug tests also go up to 12 panel testing and can take 2-3 business days when negative. Complex results or longer panels will typically take a bit longer.

Employment Drug Testing Lab Texas

Improving the safety of your work place is a necessity, and employment drug testing aids in keeping your employees safe. Whether your company needs a test because of reasonable suspicion or utilizes our company for pre-employment screenings, it should be a top safety priority for your business.

Court Ordered Drug Tests

No matter what the reason, if you have a legal obligation to remain drug-free or alcohol-free, Pharmacogenetic Testing can quickly and accurately work with you on your court ordered drug tests. We do child custody drug and alcohol testing, DUI or drug and alcohol test, and probation drug testing.

No matter what your reason, Pharmacogenetic Testing is a Texas drug testing lab with accurate results. For more information, call us today at (833) 749-5227.