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Pharmacogenomic Testing

Toxicology Testing When you decided to pursue a career in clinical medicine, you likely wanted to make a difference, help your patients and provide the best possible care every single day. Healthcare providers in all specialties tend to share this mission for their career. And, as the world of medicine advances, there are new opportunities to learn more about your patients so that your decisions about their care can be more informed. Pharmacogenomic testing allows you to better understand how a specific drug will work for your patient, so that you can minimize the number of prescriptions you have to try and avoid adverse drug events. Pharmacogenetic Testing, partners with hospitals and medical practices all over the Texas area to provide accurate and reliable pharmacogenomic testing to improve overall quality of healthcare.

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Criminal Justice Screening

Pre-employment Drug TestingWhen you’re in need of a criminal justice toxicology screening, you’ll want to use a toxicology testing lab that you can trust to administer drugs tests that produce accurate and timely toxicology reports. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we make it our highest priority to both an accurate and fast toxicology testing lab, making our Texas drug testing lab the perfect solution to your criminal justice drug screening needs. Regardless of what your criminal justice screening needs may be, our comprehensive toxicology reports allow for the most accurate drug and alcohol use profiles for criminal justice use. We provide criminal justice drug testing in San Antonia, Leon Valley, and Alamo Heights, Texas for probation drug tests, parole drug tests, juvenile delinquent drug tests, and more.

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Fast Drug Testing Lab Corpus Christi

Pre-employment Drug TestingAt Pharmacogenetic Testing, we’ve come to value your time as much as we value our own. That’s why when you trust in our Texas drug testing lab to complete toxicology reports for your company, business, or organization, we make sure that we accomplish our task as quickly and efficiently as possible. By using proven effective testing and organizational methods, we are able to provide quick drug testing services all over Texas, including Corpus Christi, TX. No matter the reason for your drug tests or the frequency of your drug tests, we make you our top priority, ensuring that you receive your results in a timely manner every time without fail. If that sounds like a drug testing lab you’d like to have by your side for quick and easy routine or even random drug testing, then give us a call and see what we can do to speed up your Corpus Christi drug testing process.

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Laboratory Testing Service Texas

Pre-employment Drug TestingTexas Genetic Testing LLC, is a trusted texas company that provides drug gene testing, otherwise known as pharmacogenomics testing (PGX), toxicology testing, and polypharmacy testing to private physicians, hospitals, and medical research laboratories. Our testing services will work with you and accommodate the type of testing you need, including blood, hair, urine or saliva samples and we can either make standard tests or customized tests for you. This will allow doctors to accurately monitor their patients’ care in order to achieve better health. The personalized approach to healthcare that we provide for practicing physicians allows for the best treatment plan possible to patients.

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Lab Testing Arlington Texas

Lab Testing Services Arlington TxIf your medical practice, hospital or specialty clinic is looking to partner with a lab to provide accurate pharmacogenomics testing (PGX) or drug gene testing, toxicology testing, and polypharmacy testing, Texas Genetic Labs, LLC can help. Our professional lab technicians can test blood, urine, or saliva samples to provide you with the information that you need to assist your patients and provide them with the best healthcare possible.

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