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Comprehensive and Accurate Toxicology Report

Molecular PCR upper respiratory testing TXToxicology tests can be a critical component to employment agencies and businesses, criminal justice procedures, medical procedures, and more, and finding a reliable Texas toxicology testing lab can be a challenge, especially when you’re looking for a comprehensive toxicology lab. But now, you’re in luck; at Pharmacogenetic Testing, we make it a priority to provide both comprehensive and accurate toxicology test reports, ensuring that our clients have the most accurate toxicology information available to them, no matter the reason. We provide Corpus Christi, Rockport, Kingsville and Alice, Texas toxicology testing, and with online toxicology reports, we’re able to provide accurate and fast toxicology test results without the hassle or waiting involved in test results via mail or third parties.

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Laboratory Testing Service Texas

Pre-employment Drug TestingTexas Genetic Testing LLC, is a trusted texas company that provides drug gene testing, otherwise known as pharmacogenomics testing (PGX), toxicology testing, and polypharmacy testing to private physicians, hospitals, and medical research laboratories. Our testing services will work with you and accommodate the type of testing you need, including blood, hair, urine or saliva samples and we can either make standard tests or customized tests for you. This will allow doctors to accurately monitor their patients’ care in order to achieve better health. The personalized approach to healthcare that we provide for practicing physicians allows for the best treatment plan possible to patients.

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Pre-employment Drug TestingIf you are looking in Texas for a one stop shop for all of your laboratory testing needs, our team at Pharmacogenetic Testing is the partner for you! We focus on helping private medical practices, pain management providers, mental health facilities, etc., with building a path towards better health for their patients. Not only is our testing facility efficient and accurate, but we also offer a wide variety of services that can help medical providers in TX.

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Toxicology Testing Services Texas

When you need toxicology testing, you need it fast. Whether you are looking to hire a new employee or need the results for a forensic examination, Pharmacogenetic Testing has got you covered. We are a toxicology testing lab in Texas that yields accurate and fast results for those that need it most. We accept hair, blood, urine or oral samples for a variety of toxicology testing services in Texas.

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