In Galveston, TX, there are all different types of industries working here. Construction, transportation, education, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and many others. Galveston, TX draws many people in, close to 50,000, and then keeps them here for the long haul. After all, it’s beautiful! Right now, our median age tends to be about 40 years old. That means that this city is mixed with baby boomers, millennials, and everything else after that. Point being, when you have a lot of different ages and stages in one city, it can be difficult to pinpoint a treatment plan that works for everyone. This is where Pharmacogenetic Testing, a Texas testing lab, can come into play. Here we perform pharmacogenomics, a life saver when trial and error just isn’t working.

No One Treatment Is The Same

As Galveston, TX serves as the melting pot on stilts, healthcare providers here struggle to provide treatment plans that work for everyone there. The trick to this issue is not treating everyone the same even if they have the same diagnosis. The trick to that is pharmacogenomics. No one person is the same. While people may even clinically look identical, their DNA is different. Pharmacogenomics is your secret ingredient into knowing with 100% certainty how one person’s body will react to a certain drug. Drug-gene testing will allow you to fully understand your patients and be able to give them relevant and accurate information.

Pharmacological Testing

When we get a sample, we are essentially studying how the body’s genes will be affected and how they will interact with the medication of choice. Once this test is done, the result will never change, even if the comorbidities do. A person’s genes will never change and therefore the reaction to the medication will not either. However, if the patient is placed on a different medication, than that medication should be tested too. Ultimately, pharmacogenomics reduces adverse drug events, it decreases the trial and error drug and dosage debate, and it ultimately saves money as there should be no more experimentation or adverse reactions.

Pharmacogenetic Testing has partnerships with pharmacogenomics Texas testing labs around the country, including in Galveston, TX. Our results come back within 32-48 hours so that you, as the physician, can immediately begin to prescribe the right treatment for your patient. For more information about pharmacogenomics or our Texas testing lab in Galveston, TX, give Pharmacogenetic Testing a call today at (833) 749-5227.