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Drug Gene Testing Abilene TX

Drug Gene Testing Abilene TXAnytime you make a big decision, it is assumed that you have evaluated your options and chosen the route that you feel is best for your particular situation, right? Well, unfortunately for some medical providers, medications are prescribed to patients without even looking at that individual’s past history. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, we understand how important it is to know the genetic makeup of your patients so that in turn, you can help reduce the likelihood of an adverse drug reaction to the particular medication that you prescribe. If you run a medical practice in Abilene, TX, team up with our staff and take advantage of our accurate and reliable drug gene testing services.

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Why Drug Gene Testing Tx

Pharmacogenomic Drug Gene TestingDrug gene testing, also often referred to as pharmacogenomics, is an extremely powerful tool that allows healthcare providers to learn more about their patients in order to customize treatment plans and prescribing medications.  Drug gene testing gives physicians important information about how a patient’s genes affect their body’s response to medications.  This knowledge dramatically reduces the risk of adverse drug events (ADE) and decreases the need to experiment with different medications and dosages.  Texas Genetic Testing LLC provides drug gene testing to clinics, hospitals and other health care facilities in Texas and all over the country.

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