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Polypharmacy Screening Tools

Polypharmacy Screening ToolsAs a population, we sometimes hear words like “pharmacogenetics” or “polypharmacy” and immediately think that these types of things are excessive or dare we say, confusing. However, when you really begin to grasp the concept of pharmacogenetics testing, an entire new realm of possibilities open up. Lives get saved, people lead a better quality of life, and new education on medication is achieved. At Pharmacogenetic Testing., we perform polypharmacy screening and polypharmacy testing/service for those exact reasons. We want to help you help your patients! There are many benefits to polypharmacy testing, especially for the elderly and truly, anyone else on multiple medications.

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Polypharmacy Profile Testing Services Amarillo TX

polypharmacy testing Amarillo TXUnless you work in the medical field or have a friend or family member that is struggling with multiple medications daily, you may not even know what polypharmacy profile testing is, or how useful of a tool it can be to patients taking four or more medications daily. While medications are great and they can help minimize symptoms or even solve problematic diagnosis, our world today has made it easier than ever to prescribe multiple medications at once…

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