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Pharmacogenomics Testing for Medical Providers

pharmacogenetic testingAs a medical provider, the health of your patients is always a top priority. Everyone in the field of medicine knows that the same treatment plan does not work for everyone. If it did, there wouldn’t be much of a need for medical professionals. Patients expect the medical care that they receive to be effective, which may not always work the first time around. That is where pharmacogenomics testing from Pharmacogenetic Testing can come in handy. We specialize in drug-gene testing that helps medical providers get a better understanding of their patient’s medical profile. Through this testing, medical providers are able to reduce the amount of guessing that they have to do when it comes to developing a treatment plan.

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Pharmacogenetic Testing

You may have been inspired to get into the medical field for many reasons – your love of science, an interest in working with people and having a successful and lucrative career, or, perhaps, the most common reason – to help others. Helping others is the cornerstone of medicine and if you are a physician or other health care provider, you have likely built your career on this premise. One very important factor in your ability to achieve this goal of helping your patients is knowing their history and enough about them to provide strong medical care. Pharmacogenetic testing, also known as drug-gene testing or  (PGX), is a relatively new field that dramatically increases the information that health care providers have access to on each of their patients. Pharmacogenetic Testing, specializes in pharmacogenetic testing and can help you and the providers in your practice maximize your ability to treat your patients effectively.

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Reliable Drug Testing Service

What good is taking a drug test if the results are not reliable? The expectation is that the positive or negative results that come back are as close to 100% accurate as possible. At Pharmacogenetic Testing, our drug testing specialists couldn’t agree more. Our dedicated staff aims to provide the most accurate, reliable and fast drug testing results in Odessa, TX and the surrounding area.

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Pharmacogenomics Testing Results within 48 Hours | Texas Lab

Pharmacogenetic Testing Services TXOver the last decade, pharmacogenomics, the study of the impact of genetics on a person’s response to drugs, has become a very important factor for medical professionals to consider when they design a tailored treatment plan for their individual patients. Pharmacogenomics, also known as drug gene testing, offers a new insight into precise prescribing methods…

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