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Drug and Alcohol Testing Labs

Just like any other state in the United States of America, Texas has its fair share of individuals struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism. Rather than hiding behind these issues, it is important that we face these struggles first hand. At Texas Genetic Testing, LLC, we are committed to providing medical providers across TX with accurate, fast and detailed drug and alcohol testing services.

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Company Drug Testing For Pre-Employment

As a business owner in Austin, TX, going the extra mile to ensure that you are hiring the right employees will benefit you in a lot of ways down the road. One key step to choosing the right employee is requiring drug testing during the pre-employment stage. This way if the potential employee fails the drug test, you know before any serious employment conversations with the individual begin. When it comes to finding a reliable drug testing lab in the area to provide accurate results, look no further than Texas Genetic Testing, LLC.

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Doctor Office Lab Partner

When it comes to providing the best possible care for your patients, making diagnoses and developing treatment plans, having access to accurate and credible information is critical. To treat your patients, you use information from their personal history, as well as symptoms that present to determine a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. In addition, drug-gene testing, also called pharmacogenetics, is a relatively new tool that can be used to assist providers in making the best possible decisions for their patients. Drug-gene testing allows healthcare providers to more fully understand their patients by and make individualized medical decisions based on their unique genetic makeup. A person’s genes can help determine the best possible treatments, medications, and dosages for him. Texas Genetic Testing LLC partners with clinics, hospitals and other medical professionals in the Austin TX area to provide fast, accurate drug-gene testing to clinics, doctor’s offices and hospitals in Texas and around the country.

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Employment Drug Testing Labs

Drug Test Service For EmployersHiring personnel is a difficult process with a lot of variability. It takes a significant amount of time and effort and is still sometimes difficult to know in one or two interviews if a person will a good, long term fit for your company. Employment drug testing is one tool that can be used by managers, businesses and large organizations to help screen potential employees and/or to check for illegal drug use in current employees. This can give you valuable information about how to proceed with an offer or whether you may have an issue with an existing employee. Texas Genetic Testing LLC can complete your organization’s employment drug screening using hair, oral, blood or urine samples, depending on your company’s unique needs. Our state of the art facility partners with businesses all over the TX area and around the country to provide high quality, reliable and fast toxicology testing.

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Reliable Drug Testing

pharmacogenetic testingA patient is admitted to the hospital from out of town. He is very sick and doesn’t really know what medications he takes at home. He’s lethargic, in and out of consciousness, and has no family to vouch for him. The nurse looks through his pockets and finds a multitude of medications, but some are even in another language. The patient’s vital signs are up and down with no relief from the hospital’s treatments. Wouldn’t it make sense to perform a drug screen on the patient? We thought so too. So the admitting doctor sends a drug screen to a lab that isn’t very reputable. Big mistake. Hours after the test is sent, they cannot find the specimen. The hospital sends another one. Apparently now the machine is down and they’ll have to wait until it’s running again. Frustrating!

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